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-Nadine Bone, Actress/Model/Vocalist  Born in the Steel Town City of Pittsburgh, PA.

-Nadine lived in Pittsburgh until the age of twenty-nine before relocating to Atlanta in 2002. Her mother provided a rooted foundation of faith and support. The oldest of four siblings, growing up in a very distraught home made it difficult at times to look beyond the reality at hand.  The escape of reality through church youth functions, recitals, plays, school choir, and drama clubs with friends allowed her to discover her inner strength for the love entertaining. She always had dreams for her life and knew her true ambition was being an entertainer; which was discovered early in childhood.


-She can recall countless times where every reflection of her was an opportunity to perform. Given this chance to create and tell the world a story of life and share her endeavors.  Nadine's anchor has always been determination within to succeed with faith in God. She graduated from a two-year program at a local community college, after high school, with a degree in Business Management. Climbing the corporate ladder of success was just the beginning of her survival job journey. 

 -Walking away from 20+ years of corporate experience to pursue her vision and reach the stars of her dreams was not a tough decision to make after being chosen as background; while sacrificing it all, livelihood and financial stability. A risk taken with no regrets. She received her acting start as a background actor in the film "Promise Land" starring Matt Damon and "42" starring Chadwick Boseman.  She also landed a first time singing role in the theater stage production "Billie The Musical in 2016."  

-Quickly learning the entertainment business and moving on to student films, low budget productions, independent films, and a commercial in the Atlanta Film Market as well as a Feature  spot in local VoyageATL Magazine allowed her to make her presence known in the Atlanta film community. Welcoming the challenges and never looking back, doors of opportunity continue to open. With every stride of learning, comes growth and development. 

​My motto is ... "Your GodFidence is Showing ... GO Shine."  Nadine Bone

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